Veterans Day Holiday

Our office will be open on Friday, November 10, 2017 with limited staff. We will close early once patient volume slows down.

The PUCC will also be open with holiday hours from 10AM till around 2PM. There will be no evening hours because of the Veterans Day Holiday.

New Immunization Requirement for Seventh Grade

For the school year starting 2017-18, the State Board of Health is requiring all children entering seventh grade in either public or private schools to receive an immunization against a form of meningitis called Neisseria meningitides. This is a quadrivalent conjugated vaccine (MCV4) also known as Menactra or Menveo.

This vaccine is in addition to the dpt (tetanus shot) that is already required for entering seventh grade.

If your child is entering seventh grade, please check their immunization record to make sure that they have had both the dpt and meningitis shot (Menactra or Menveo or MCV4). If they have not call the office to schedule an appointment. Vaccinations are also available through Washoe County Health Department.

Children already in grades 7 to 12 will not be required to receive the meningitis shot to attend Washoe County Schools. But, we do suggest that all adolescents should receive the meningitis shot any way.

Update-Influenza Vaccine

We are out of all Influenza Vaccine for children 36 months of age and older. We do not expect to receive any further shipments of Influenza Vaccine.

We still have Influenza Vaccine for children 6 months through 35 months of age.

Influenza Vaccine Available

We have influenza vaccine available for all age groups. At this time, we still do not have VFC influenza vaccine for patients who are on Medicaid. We are expecting to receive VFC influenza vaccine soon.

As you may have seen in the news, Flu Mist will not be available for this flu season in the United States. Everyone will be receiving flu shot this year. Sorry Kids!!!

As a reminder, influenza vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older. Children 8 years of age or younger who have never received influenza vaccine in the past should receive 2 doses of influenza vaccine 4 weeks apart.